Sunday, January 6, 2013

Handling Rejection

I figure if you want to do any kind of ambitious, entrepreneurial project, you have to be able to handle rejection. Especially if you are interested in the arts but also true for engineering.

If you look at the statistics and read author accounts, then you'll know that it's likely you will be rejected endlessly. Once you're accepted, you'll have to put up with ongoing criticism. What's a sensitive girl to do? The following has worked for me.

1. Rationalize. Rejection is normal.
2. Take comfort in the initial failure of others.
3. Practice being rejected. Rejection is not about you, it's another person's decision over which you have no control.
4. Focus on the positive. I was thrilled when I got a rejection email from The New Yorker. Someone at that organization had actually read my poem? Amazing!
5. Rejection is marketing confirmed. You've hit something. It didn't stick but at least you hit the target.

I have to make breakfast. Let's rewrite this later--for me, this is an interesting topic with broader applications than just writing.

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