Saturday, January 5, 2013

Since I'm new to the world of novelling, I've become really interested in writing and editing methods for works of length. I've found that writing in a cheap journal from the dollar store while lying in bed works best for composition in the early stages. I like lying on my back with my knees up scribbling away with a pen that costs far more than the book. That's my formula for writing.

For editing, I have been using a MacBook Air. I prefer a Dell laptop because the keys are closer together which suits my small hands. The Air has been a trusty assistant however and I daren't offend it in these later stages. I like to create PDF versions of my novel for editing. For some reason, it's easier to see my changes. Today I've been experimenting with different fonts for editing also. That's working well for me. When I don't have much to say I like to format. It comforts me that at least my writing looks nice.

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