Monday, March 11, 2013


For the past couple of days I've been proofing. But proofing isn't enough for me. I need to recognize the patterns so I can reduce my error rate. Here are the culprits:

- Changing sentence structure. Wow, do I need to reread carefully unless I want surplus "that" "and" "so" thrown around.

- Using multiple word processors. Enough said.

- Formatting manually. This results in me losing my periods which is always an eye opener. Sentences at the end of a paragraph are particularly vulnerable.

I have also been on the phone to the IRS trying to set up potential sales in the States. I'm thinking I will have to do this during my vacation. Or by fax instead. Sigh. It's a lot of work.

Erin has agreed to read a proof which warms my heart. :)

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