Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Inching closer

I've had enough of nightmare proofing and am finally letting it go. I'm just waiting for the reviewers to approve it within the 24 hr timeframe and then it's showtime.

The minimum I was allowed to charge for the book was $5.22. If I went below the amount I originally specified, the book couldn't be sold in Europe. So this is the amount I picked. I will make a whopping $1.06 on each book, 53 cents of which is donated to IOI. Anyway, it's been a learning experience.

Formatting a book is hard. That I now know.

Here is the final cover. CreateSpace wasn't able to fix a tiny but irritating glitch in my plain white cover so I selected an photo from Parksville.

(Image credit: E.J. Wolfe)

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