Friday, March 29, 2013

Piotr made me

My dear friends Piotr and Kate only read by Kindle. They are sophisticated. So today I made a Kindle version of Mermother, just for them. It's strange--I think Mermother looks better as a Kindle file than a paper copy. It might be the font. Was Garamond a big mistake?

I was rereading some of the better parts on the Kindle previewer and I don't know where all these ideas came from! The dialogue alone. I exhaust myself, I really do. I'm hoping It's Personal will unfold more easily even though it's not complicated enough to be the foundation of a trilogy. As I'm rereading Mermother, I'm almost cackling as I think of all the injustices Briony will return to in Hard Salt. She's ready. And she's very irate.

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