Thursday, March 21, 2013

Pudding and proofs

Before I left for Parksville my three proofs arrived. Never have I felt so frustrated getting a box open! I could barely breathe as I tried to get past the packing paper. Anyway, proofs are a very good idea. I discovered a strange line on the cover that needs to be fixed, for example. CreateSpace would like me to order more proofs but I don't have the energy, money, or patience. I tried rereading Mermother last night but I am so sick of it, I really couldn't. Sometimes when I read an excerpt Briony sounds so eager and that annoys me. 

My love thinks I should mention that I wrote a significant portion of Mermother on my iPhone. He was watching my mad phone typing skills at the pub. We had a delightful rice pudding after dinner. With a big blob of strawberry jam!

(Photo credit: E. J. Wolfe)

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