Thursday, April 4, 2013

The truth about Greg Davidson

Of all the people who have coaxed me over the finish line, Greg has arguably been the most influential. 

I owed him money for tuning my 1900 Bell piano. In return he said he would like a copy of my (then unpublished) novel. At certain moments during the wee hours when I was proof reading Mermother I thought perhaps I should not be exchanging novels for musical services. But in retrospect I can see that a lot of the frustration and inefficiency was due to my lack of experience with self-publishing.

The most exciting outcome of my pact with Greg is that he's now considering publishing a book of his own. He has many hilarious and outrageous stories about his career that he'd like to share. I'm looking forward to reading the drafts and seeing his link on Amazon.

(Photo credit: B.C. Lesiuk)

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